Staff Favorites

Staff Favorites

Our Staff Favorites section is a popular spot to browse in the store. It’s the heart of what Independent Booksellers provide for their customers – a synopsis of a book they love and want to share.  Listed below are some of our current favorites, great stories that we hope will enlighten your reading experience.

The Staff at House of Books

The British Are Coming by Rick Atkinson

Smallpox stalked every moment of the Revolutionary War for both patriot and loyalist.  Rick Atkinson’s riveting account does not spare the blood, bone and gristle of the early campaigns in the first of three volumes.  The reader will perhaps come away with not only a greater appreciation of the price paid to found the republic but for Deep Woods Off.  We recommend this entertaining and tremendously informative work of history. – Peter

 Big Sky by Kate Atikinson

Kate Atkinson believes in justice, but not in the law exclusively, to achieve it.  Set in Yorkshire, England, one mired in the swamp of our post-2016 world, her criminals evoke the smug venality of the Trump camarilla.  The reader’s pleasure at their disposal is therefore enriched.  We recommend this crime/mystery story for the dog days of August.  Peter

The Institute by Stephen King

The “master of horror” has crafted an exceptionally sinister novel, pitting young characters against pure evil.  Stephen King is at the top of his literary game with this “read into the wee hours” book. – Mary

Much like his acclaimed novel, It, Stephen King puts young people through trials and horrors that test not only their individual willpower, but their bonds as friends and allies.  Although you won’t find deranged dogs or shape-shifting clowns within these pages, there is plenty to keep you up at night. – Tori-Lynn


The Turn Of The Key by Ruth Ware

In ghost stories, things are never what they appear to be.  Author Ruth Ware takes this one step further in her clever, yet menacing new novel with a tip of the hat to the classic, The Turning Of The Screw.  It’s impossible to “guess” the ending in this exceptional thriller. – Mary

The Snakes by Sadie Jones

Money, power and parenthood wreak havoc on Beatrice Adamson.  She refuses the comforts of her father Griff’s incredible wealth and disdains his unscrupulous dealings in business.  When her brother Alex begins “managing” a hotel in France, at her father’s insistence, Bea and her new husband Dan pay a visit to discover things are awry.  The reader is filled with a sense of dread from the beginning that gradually builds to the heart pounding, unbelievable end of this powerful book.  Sadie Jones fifth novel is filled with crisp but sparse prose about cruelty of all kinds – class, race and power – and about regular people caught in complex situations that veer incredibly far off course. – Mary

Disappearing Earth by Julia Philips

Julia Philips takes you to the brooding, remote Kamchatka peninsula in her debut novel about two young sisters who go missing.  This novel provides a deep examination of loss and longing, painted in overlapping short stories that come together in a single haunting narrative. – Tori-Lynn



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