“To own an independent bookstore in the 21st century is a radical act. It is predicated on the belief that writing and reading matter.”

~ Gretchen Primack

Robin Dill – Owner, House of Books

As a lifelong reader and someone who has haunted bookstores my entire life, looking for inspiration, solace, information, validation, or simply to entertain my innate curiosity of the world and its mysteries, I now own a bookstore!

My decision to purchase the House of Books in May, 2013, at a time when the “end of the book” was being shouted the loudest, as e-readers, kindles and i-pads were hitting the market, it didn’t occur to me to second guess my decision to buy House of Books. But then again, I’m not one for listening to other people’s advice all that much, I try to follow my heart.

The week after buying House of Books, a friend brought her brother into the store and introduced me as the new owner of the bookstore. Without missing a beat, he politely asked, “Was that a wise decision?”

I smiled, a nervous laughed escaped me I admit it was a radical thing to do, rebellious even. But ever since going back to school and graduating with a degree in English and Writing from Western Connecticut State University, I dreamed about owning a bookstore. So I decided to take a leap of faith, and see if the wings appeared.

I don’t regret my decision to become the third owner in a new chapter of House of Books’ history. It has been a dream come true for me. Each day is a whirlwind of learning, trusting myself and happily sharing my passion for books. It isn’t always easy, as a fellow bookstore owner recently stated about customers thanking him for being there,  “I think they sort of get that there’s no real reason to do this other than love and commitment.”

Owning a bookstore is a labor of love.  I feel so blessed that I have a job I love. When people walk through the door and smile and take a deep breathe inhaling that magical book smell, I smile. It’s a wonderful life.

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