Staff Favorites

Staff Favorites

Our Staff Favorites section, is by far our most popular spot to browse in the store. Many customers return to share their opinions about books they’ve selected from our Staff Recommendations. It is really the heart of what Independent Bookstores and Booksellers provide to readers.

The excitement and anticipation of the next great story that will heighten their next reading experience. So if you ever need a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to ask. It really is one of our favorite things about being booksellers.

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Robin, Barbara, Deborah, Grace & Margie!

Option B is a manifesto of what constitutes resilience and the choices/options that are sometimes forced on us by life. I had read Sheryl’s story and her Facebook posts about losing her husband Dave tragically and suddenly on a trip to Mexico. Sandberg, the author of the mega-hit Lean In was often like many successful women authors who share their unique point of view and choices, vilified by women and men alike for not understanding mainstream work
ing mothers challenges and needs. Sandberg was also lauded for her accomplishments and drive to succeed. But in Option B, we see another side of Sandberg, the depth of her loss, her grief and raw pain following the loss of her husband. Woven throughout are other stories of people facing adversity, recovery and rehabilitation. I found it very inspiring. There aren’t many of us that get our Option A, so what so many of us need to do is kick the shit out of Option B.


Everyone is falling in love with Celine. I’ve read all of Peter Heller’s books as much as I couldn’t wait to see what happened, Heller’s writing is like a beautiful composition that unfolds in language as breathtaking as the natural world, his characters are immersed in. It’s storytelling at its finest. I loved Celine, a bad-ass 60+ year old artist who is also a private investigator. Celine’s spark and energy for life can at times be stalled by her emphysemabut never wavers. I am confident this will solidify Peter Heller as a literary powerhouse of a novelist. (Signed Fi rst Editions Available)

~ Robin 
1888 NYC – What the Dead Know, great historical mystery fiction! A suspenseful read with a complex likeable main protaand can’t wait to read more gilded age mysteries.gonist who has to outwit her stepmother and stepmother’s brother as well as other dark forces to regain her pesonal freedom and inherit wealth her beloved father left behind. I loved this book
  City of Light, City of Poison, reads like a thrilling novel. I’ll read anything about Paris and this time frame was especially interesting. Holly Tucker has really done her homework and makes the messy streets of Paris come alive with the underworld of poisoner’s, jilted mistresses, witches and intrigue the Chief of Police had to investigate for the King. This is a hard to put down book that will keep you reading well into the night.
~ Robin 
Mozart’s Starling, is unlike any other book I have read and this uniqueness makes it one of my all-time favorites. This is an exceptional combination of biography and personal memoir with engaging investigation into social history, language, and natural science.
The author relates her experience with a pet starling to Mozart’s relationship with his pet. Her philosophical musings are delightful segues between the myriad of topics. This work has inspired me to listen to both music and birdsong with a new ear.
~ Margie
Victoria, is an elegant and concise story of a remarkable woman. Julia Baird brigthly teaches us that Victoria was so much more than who we previously thought. Confident as a 20 year old who became the ruler of a powerful empire, a loving and nurturing mother of nine, and a devoted wife. I’ve learned so much more than the image of a grieving widow.
In the NYT

~ Robin

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